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Grinders DAO

Fueling Web 3.0 Innovation on Solana Blockchain

Grinders DAO stands as a dynamic Web 3.0 project on the Solana blockchain, driven by a team of seasoned developers in the Web 3.0 and blockchain realm. Our core vision is to craft an extensive array of Web 3.0 tools, bots, utilities, and services, covering virtually every aspect on the Solana blockchain. The primary mission of Grinders DAO is to generously share these Web 3.0 resources with as many projects as possible within the Solana blockchain ecosystem.

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Official Roadmap

Explore the Official Roadmap for Grinders DAO

Phase 1:
Phase 2:
Phase 3:
Phase 4:
Phase 5:
  • Grinders NFT Launch: The official introduction of Grinders NFTs, marking the beginning of our unique NFT collection.
  • Grinders Launchpad: The grand debut of Grinders Launchpad, simplifying the launch process for NFTs and tokens.
  • Grinders Bots Launch: The unveiling of Grinders Bots, an all-in-one solution catering to Web 3.0 Discord bots.
  • $Grinders Token Launch: The official release of $Grinders Token, the utility token fueling transactions within Grinders DAO.
  • Chat to Earn Launch: Introduction of Chat to Earn, a mechanism where community engagement on Grinders DAO's official Discord earns you $Grinders Tokens.
  • Hold to Earn Launch: The official launch of Hold to Earn, allowing you to earn $Grind Tokens by holding Grinders NFTs.
  • Raid to Earn Launch: Participate in Raid to Earn, engaging in activities on Grinders DAO's official Twitter to earn $Grinders Tokens.
  • Invite to Earn Launch: The introduction of Invite to Earn, where bringing new members to Grinders DAO earns you $Grinders Tokens.
  • Play to Earn Launch: The official launch of Play to Earn, a gaming experience where being a Grinders NFT holder earns you $Grinders Tokens.
  • NFT/Token Sniper Bot Launch: Introduction of the NFT/Token Sniper Bot, staying ahead in the market with dedicated tracking and sniping capabilities.
  • Grinders Tools Launch: Official release of Grinders Tools, a suite of utilities enhancing the Grinders DAO ecosystem.
  • Grinders Services Launch: The unveiling of Grinders Services, offering a range of specialized services within the Grinders DAO ecosystem.
  • Grinders Art Upgrade Launch: Introduction of Grinders Art Upgrade, providing enhancements for your NFT artworks.
  • Grinders Trait Shop Launch: Official launch of Grinders Trait Shop, where you can explore and acquire unique traits.
  • Grinders Trait Explorer Launch: The debut of Grinders Trait Explorer, enabling you to delve into and understand the traits within the Grinders DAO ecosystem.
  • Grinders Marketplace Launch: The official launch of Grinders Marketplace, a platform for trading and acquiring NFTs.
  • Grinders E-commerce Store Launch: The grand opening of Grinders E-commerce Store, offering a range of branded merchandise.
  • Grinders Whitelist Manager Launch: Introduction of Grinders Whitelist Manager, providing efficient management of project whitelists.
  • Grinders Gamified Marketer Launch: Official launch of Grinders Gamified Marketer, a gamified approach to marketing within the Grinders DAO ecosystem.
  • Roadmap 2.0 Launch: The debut of Roadmap 2.0, outlining the future directions and milestones for Grinders DAO.

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