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Redefining Engagement and Rewards

Embark on a thrilling journey with Grinders Lottery NFTs, where 111,111 unique tokens stand ready to redefine engagement within the Grinders DAO ecosystem. This groundbreaking NFT project introduces innovative features and revenue-sharing mechanics, creating a dynamic and participatory experience for both Grinders NFT holders and the broader Solana community.


Distribution Strategy:

  • Airdrop (50%):
    • Half of the total supply will be airdropped to existing Grinders NFT holders, fostering inclusivity and rewarding loyalty within the Grinders DAO community.
  • Public Sale (50%):
    • The remaining half will be available through a public sale, utilizing the Solana blockchain and leveraging the Metaplex platform, with a nominal fee of 0.025 $SOL.

Supply Freezing Mechanism:

  • Weekly Freezing:
    • Each week, 50% of the total supply will be frozen until only 10 NFTs remain. This progressive scarcity model adds a unique dimension to the NFT lifecycle, promoting anticipation and value appreciation over time.

50% Revenue Share:

  • The top 10 holders from the royalties generated via Grinders Lottery NFTs will enjoy a 50% revenue share. This novel approach not only incentivizes holding but also rewards community members actively participating in the ecosystem.

Phase: Live after Grinders NFTs Sell Out:

The Grinders Lottery NFTs phase will kick into action once the Grinders NFTs sell out. This strategic approach ensures a seamless transition, maximizing community engagement and maintaining momentum.

Detailed Supply Freezing Process:

Weekly Freezing:

  • Each week, a predetermined percentage of the total supply will be frozen, gradually reducing the available NFTs until only the final 10 remain.

10 Remaining NFTs:

  • The last 10 NFTs, survivors of the freezing process, will collectively share the 50% revenue generated via Grinders Lottery NFTs for that specific season.

Multiple Seasons for Sustained Engagement:

To maintain a vibrant connection between Grinders DAO and the Solana community, the project plans to run multiple seasons of Grinders Lottery NFTs. Each season will bring fresh opportunities, themes, and rewards, ensuring ongoing engagement and excitement. Get ready to experience a groundbreaking blend of scarcity, rewards, and community-driven participation with Grinders Lottery NFTs!