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Gateway to a Decentralized Realm

Welcome to the captivating world of Grinders NFTs, where 11,111 distinct tokens unlock a realm of exclusive benefits, community-driven governance, and a vibrant ecosystem. These digital assets not only represent ownership but also bestow upon holders a plethora of privileges within the Grinders DAO.


  1. 1.
    50% Revenue Share:
    • Grinders NFT holders enjoy a substantial 50% revenue share from the proceeds of Blood, Sweat, Tears, Tools, Bots & Services within the Grinders DAO ecosystem.
  2. 2.
    Holder-Only Community Access:
    • Immerse yourself in an exclusive community that fosters close connections and collaborative endeavors within the Grinders DAO ecosystem.
  3. 3.
    50% DAO Voting Power:
    • Holders wield significant influence, contributing to decentralized decision-making with an impressive 50% DAO voting power.
  4. 4.
    50% Airdrop of Grinders Lottery NFTs:
    • Participate in the excitement of Grinders Lottery NFTs with a complimentary airdrop of 50% of these exclusive NFTs.
  5. 5.
    $GRINDERS Token Airdrop:
    • Benefit from an airdrop of $GRINDERS tokens, expanding your participation in the broader Grinders DAO ecosystem.
  6. 6.
    $MFOX Token Airdrop:
    • Dive deeper into the world of decentralized rewards with an exclusive airdrop of $MFOX tokens, adding another layer of value to your Grinders NFT holding.

Distribution Strategy:

  • 11,000 GRINDERS NFTs:
    • Minted via OG, Whitelist, and Public Sale, offering multiple avenues for community members to acquire these exclusive tokens.
  • 111 GRINDERS NFTs in GIF:
    • Minted via auction, adding a dynamic and interactive element to the NFT collection.
  • 11 Unique 1/1 NFTs:
    • Airdropped to the top 11 whales of Grinders NFTs, recognizing and rewarding the most dedicated members of the community.

Phase: Live:

The Grinders NFT phase is now live, inviting you to immerse yourself in this unique digital landscape.


  • OG (Original):
    • Free mint token + 0.025 SOL Metaplex fees, providing an accessible entry point to the Grinders NFT ecosystem.
  • WL (Whitelist):
    • WL token + 0.05 SOL mint price + 0.025 SOL Metaplex fees, offering additional perks for those on the whitelist.
  • Public:
    • 0.069 SOL mint price + 0.025 SOL Metaplex fees, providing an opportunity for wider community participation.

Rarity and Benefits:

The rarity of Grinders NFTs brings a tiered voting power and revenue share structure:

  • Common:
    • 10.00% Voting Power, 10.00% Revenue Share.
  • Uncommon:
    • 15.00% Voting Power, 15.00% Revenue Share.
  • Rare:
    • 20.00% Voting Power, 20.00% Revenue Share.
  • Super Rare:
    • 25.00% Voting Power, 25.00% Revenue Share.
  • Legendary:
    • 30.00% Voting Power, 30.00% Revenue Share.

Revenue Share Mechanism:

The revenue share is facilitated by collecting 50% of the funds generated from the revenue of Blood for Upgrade, Sweat for Earn, Tears for Launch, Grinders Tools, Grinders Bots, and Grinders Services. These funds are then utilized to purchase $GRINDERS tokens, transferred to the Sweat for Earn rewards pool. This innovative structure ensures that Grinders NFT holders actively contribute to and benefit from various activities within the Grinders community. Welcome to a world where ownership is not just symbolic but comes with a wealth of opportunities and engagement.